Liquid tertilizer tank 3D model visualization

3D visualization of equipment for installing a liquid fertilizer application system on the tank bracket of the front hitch of row seeders.

Creating a realistic 3D rendering of a liquid fertilizer tank for RBD

RBD is a leading manufacturer of liquid fertilizer systems and tanks for agribusinesses. They turned to our web studio with the task of creating a realistic 3D visualization of their new tank. Our team accepted the challenge and started working on the project in order to create a unique and high-quality 3D model.

Research and source data

The first step in the project was to study technical renders and source data provided by [RBD]. We analyzed the shape, dimensions and functional features of the tank to fully understand the project. A study was also conducted in the field of agro-enterprises to take into account the characteristics and requirements of the target audience.

Modeling and design of 3D models for farmers

Given the initial data and the goals of the project, we began the process of modeling and design. Our team of experienced 3D designers have developed a detailed and accurate 3D model of the tank. We paid special attention to every detail to achieve the most realistic look possible.

Texturing and lighting

After completing the modeling, we started texturing and creating realistic materials for the tank. We used high quality textures to convey surface features and details. In addition, we have done work on lighting the scene to achieve optimal visual appeal and create the right shadows and reflections.

Rendering and final result

When the model was fully prepared, we started the visualization process. With the help of specialized software, we created photorealistic images of the tank. These images showed the tank from different angles and details, allowing the client to fully imagine it in their surroundings.

3D modeling for agricultural holdings

Developing a realistic 3D rendering of the liquid fertilizer tank for [RBD] was a challenging and creative challenge. Our team successfully created a high-quality 3D model that allowed [RBD] to showcase their product to customers in a visually compelling and compelling way. The new 3D visualization has become a strong tool to capture the attention of the target audience and strengthen the position of RBD in the market for the production of systems and tanks for liquid fertilizers for agribusinesses.