B2B Brand Sales Trends in 2020

The biggest challenge companies face is choosing the strategies that will help them achieve growth.

Growth is a must for every business. Recent research has shown that the biggest challenge companies face is choosing the right strategies to help them achieve growth. It doesn’t just determine the level of success of a business, it even calculates its long-term survival in the market. So how does any business grow? If we follow the legal plan, we will need a solid marketing system that will generate leads and increase sales.

New research found that one in three businesses lack the knowledge or resources to increase sales. However, there are several sales strategies based on the hottest B2B marketing trends, if followed systematically, that can help your business reach new heights of success.

Research the latest trends in B2B online marketing

With an emerging recession, the economic downturn in 2020 has accelerated the change in the cross-company sales landscape. Research has identified three major trends that will dominate the agendas of B2B marketing organizations in the coming years.

  • With an increasing number of customers insisting on different levels of sales support for multiple products, companies are looking for more sophisticated and customized solutions to prove their value. Many of them have delved into growth marketing and digital marketing.
  • Businesses with larger managed accounts are exploring different ways to reduce their costs in an effort to keep their customers happy and increase sales through this.
  • B2B organizationsboth large and small are using customer data more intelligently, following the example of customer-facing (B2C) retailers such as Amazon. This, in turn, helps them predict customer behavior, generate leads, and deepen relationships with their existing customers.

Important B2B Sales Trends for 2020

To beat the noise, popularity will increase with more creative outreach tactics.
In 2020, an omnichannel approach will be more prevalent, replacing the traditional sales funnel found in emails and sales calls. Personal videos, messaging and direct mail will become more popular. Leading companies have already started using digital marketing tactics to keep users hooked.

Notification chaos will lead to deeper integration
As customer data platforms become more commonplace, more systematic data integration becomes an urgent challenge. What works best for real-time sales is a personalized seller feed that consolidates all relevant notifications into one easy-to-consume and actionable channel. The internet marketing of your site must be well organized.

Augmented reality disrupts traditional product presentations
The digital world is here. So why not capitalize on it and use it for growth marketing? Gone are the days when sales staff had to communicate their offers to customers through face-to-face meetings. Using artificial intelligence to showcase products to potential customers can increase their confidence in their purchasing decision. It can even help in collecting customer information by A/B testing multiple sales processes.

Data-driven sales will be a source of competitive advantage
Companies are most likely to gain their competitive edge through a well-oiled B2B sales and marketing machine that is both well-aligned and data-driven. This strategic process is a great asset for a company when it comes to accelerating sales and business growth.


It is believed that in 2020, all B2B companies will take sales more seriously and will be willing to invest more in digital marketing and lead generation, which is in direct proportion to the increase in company sales.