Differences between an online store and an online catalog.

Regardless of whether your business is in the fashion, legal, medical, food, etc. industries, a website can be categorized into one of two types.

So, you are ready to create a website for your business, but which one is right for your company? Here are 2 common types of e-commerce sites you can choose from: an online store and an online catalog. Each of these types of websites serves its own purpose and idea.

1. Website Internet store (e-commerce)

One word – basket. E-commerce is also known as e-commerce, which basically means that this website has an online shopping cart. All of them have a shopping cart function, where customers can enter their payment and postal address, as well as the payment method. E-commerce websites have expanded significantly over the past few years and are becoming increasingly popular. You can buy goods / products without leaving your living room, and expect parcels to be delivered as soon as possible. If you have products and want to sell them online to your customers around the world, an e-commerce website is what you need!

2. Website online catalog

An e-catalog is a supplement to, or in some cases a replacement for, a traditional print catalog where customers can browse a company’s entire product line, but e-catalog websites do not have real-time shopping features. As a rule, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers are the type of enterprises that can make the most of the electronic catalog. As soon as buyers are interested in the products, they will use the contact form to express their interest in the company. Customers can fill out a form on your website, and you will then process the order offline. An e-catalog website allows you to display your products online with the option to hide or reveal the product price. You can choose to display functions, characteristics, images and even downloadable forms if necessary.