How to use colors in design

The use of color has a lot to do with finding balance, and the more colors you use, the harder it is to find balance.

Rule 60/30/10

This rule, a timeless technique used by designers everywhere, was created to balance colors. This principle helps create a sense of balance and allows the eye to perceive the design comfortably. In addition, this rule is easy to use.
60% main color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent.


Stay away from pure grays and blacks

In real life, you almost never see pure gray colors. The best artists in the field of design always try to avoid pure gray, giving it saturation. Thus, it will look more natural and familiar to the eye.

Believe in nature

If you are faced with choosing a color palette for a project, then the best way out of this situation is to simply look around. Color solutions that already exist in nature always look harmonious and natural.

An example of a construction company website that we have prepared in this color scheme:

Keep the contrast

In order for the work to be harmonious and at the same time stand out, it is necessary to use the rules for the interaction of colors. Because, as many years of experience show, it is not at all easy to choose colors that will be combined with each other on the go. To facilitate this task, you can use the rules of the color wheel.

In the era of web design, color has become more than just a way to decorate, it has become a separate means of communication with the user. The above tips will help you choose and adjust the color balance. But we must not forget that the best tool in using color is experience and practice. Without them, the use of any other aids simply does not make sense.