The influence of the pattern in the corporate style

The most important thing is the corporate style, but do not forget about other important components: design, advertising and, of course, recognition.

All these factors together are called identity, however, for the realization of a full-fledged identity, graphic elements or patterns will be needed, which will certainly help to create a unique brand image.

What is the role of patterns in corporate style?

The pattern is a simple element, but it can safely be called the graphic decoration of the brand. It can consist of patterns, shapes, lines and drawings that are repeated in whole or in part on product packaging, in advertising, on business cards, leaflets or in the design of the website.
Such examples can be very large, but why? Why does branding love patterns so much? Let’s analyze their advantages in order:


The Pattern includes a special brand symbol that helps the consumer easily recognize the company. A well-thought-out pattern reflects the essence of the brand, the purpose and style of the company.

Versatile in use

As we have already discussed above, the possibilities of using the pattern are not limited: from the company’s website to printed products and corporate stationery. It is designed so that it can be used harmoniously absolutely everywhere.


Patterns are used both in whole and in parts, filling backgrounds, being placed on advertising banners or corporate documentation. Their elements can be enlarged and reduced, where necessary, to compose figures from them and in the end get the same pattern, but in a completely new presentation.


A pattern that a person has often seen on the Internet, on the street, in transport and in other places immediately causes an association with a certain brand. Therefore, it is a very effective tool for defining and recognizing the company on the market.

Correct visual presentation

Minimalism is increasingly used in modern patterns. Such patterns can be understood and remembered from the first time. They are more like a texture, thanks to which they retain their meaning.


A pattern is not just a bright and beautiful picture. It should reflect the idea of ​​the company and convey its meaning to others. The brand identity should reflect the entire essence of the company, and a well-developed pattern is an integral part of its identity. The correct approach to creating a pattern and identity as a whole will help the development of your company and increase its recognition.