What is a corporate website, its features and characteristics?

When it comes to types of websites, many people wonder: What is a corporate website? Let’s break down these concepts and features.

The Internet resource of the organization is an online platform specially designed for the presentation of the company in the network. It is the digital office of your organization that carries the entire biography about your brand and services. Such a standard becomes part of the corporate identity and a tool for achieving economic goals.

Why do companies need a corporate website?

In modern business, a corporate website is necessary for providing comprehensive and effective methods of interaction with the target audience and achieving strategic goals, and why exactly, let’s take a closer look. First of all, the company can describe its values and mission in detail, this helps to strengthen its position in the market. Provides an opportunity to present the company’s products in detail, post reviews and contact information. This helps to increase the client base and establish new partnerships.

Why or for what purposes do you need a corporate website, in fact, everything is simple, presentations of the organization on the world stage, participation in tenders, exhibitions and conferences, where online presence is part of business communication.


Creating a positive image is one of the main goals. Here, the company can present itself in a better light, tell about its history. This helps to create a corporate style and inspire trust among visitors.

Design is important for shaping style. Creative and stylish design demonstrates the professionalism and accuracy of the brand, which positively affects perception.

Publishing reviews and recommendations helps to strengthen the reputation. Positive reviews confirm the quality of goods and services, which can be a decisive factor in the choice. Content updating plays its role in image formation. Updating information and news indicates dynamism and activity.

Involvement of customers and partners

The portals provide extensive information about activities, history, value and benefits. Development of a corporate website enables potential customers to get all the necessary information without leaving their home or office. This makes it easier to choose and compare services, which increases the likelihood of new sales. Regular updating, publication of news and articles helps to maintain the interest of the audience and create loyalty. Customers can return to the portal to receive current materials. Correctly optimized gets the opportunity to be easily found by search engines. This attracts more organic traffic.

Search for employees

The professional style of the employer is formed taking into account the best practices in the field of HR, it can strengthen the image as an attractive employer, which helps to attract the best candidates. Thus, the organization’s corporate sites play an important role in the recruitment process, providing wider and more efficient access to talented professionals and promoting business development through team building.

Direct sale of goods and services

Distributors or direct suppliers often try to simplify the process of interaction with partners and create the necessary trading and commercial functionality. For example, integration with an e-commerce system, allowing customers to shop online. It is convenient for both businesses and customers. As one of our customers, which is engaged in the production of medical drugs for animals, has made a hidden section on its portal for partners, where they can order goods in bulk.


Informational wealth: Provides detailed information about the enterprise, its history, awards and projects. Strengthen identity, persuasiveness and reliability.

Professional Design: Reflects style and differentiates organizations. A professional and sought-after design helps to attract the attention of users.

Analytics and optimization: Analytics tools are used to track user behavior and improve the portal over time.

Multichannel: Multiple communication methods are provided, including phones, email addresses, online chats and forms.

Scalability: A feature is their ability to adapt along with the development of the company. It should be flexible and easily adjustable.

SEO optimization: Optimized for search (SEO). Increases visibility in search results and attract more potential traffic.

What should a modern corporate website look like?

A corporate website must be in demand and meet a number of requirements and concepts that a competitive market meets. Include adaptability, security, effective content management and marketing focus. This resource is intended for demonstration, finding a place of sale and achieving various business goals and powerful communication with the audience and partners.

Main functions of the resource

  • Visualization.
  • Conciseness and informativeness.
  • Marketing.
  • Commercial or product presentation.
  • Feedback.
  • User support.
  • Analytics.


  • Mobile adaptability.
  • Data security.
  • Fast loading.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Content.