Brand book development

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Development of the company’s brandbook, a document that describes the rules and standards for using the company’s style. In order to ensure the unity and consistency of the visual image of the company, it is necessary to implement the instruction and summary of rules.

First of all, the analysis and systematization of all style elements, including symbols, color schemes, typography, graphic elements and other components, is carried out.

Brand book development and design

Based on this analysis, graphic guides and usage standards are created. The brand book defines the rules for using the sign, color scheme, fonts and other design elements on different media and materials.

When developing a brand book, it is necessary to take into account the goals and values of the company, its target audience and market features. It is important to create a brand book that fully matches the company’s image and positioning.

Creating the design of the company’s brand book is an important step for maintaining and developing the brand. It not only helps to ensure the unity of the visual identity, but also serves as a guide for employees on the correct use of style in all communication materials.

Order the development of a brand book

Are you looking for a professional studio to order the development of a brand book for your company? TDS Agency is your perfect choice! We specialize in creating high-quality brand books that will help establish a unified style and identity of your brand.

We suggest ordering the creation of a brand book that will meet your goals and needs. Our team of experienced designers and brand strategists will develop a unique and attractive brand book. It includes elements of fir style, color palette, typography and other important elements of the brand.

By ordering a brand book from us, you will receive a professionally designed document that will be the basis for creating a consistent visual identity of your brand. Brandbook helps maintain a single style and ensure consistency in all types of communication and materials of your company.

Cost of brandbook development, price 2023

The cost of developing a brand book varies from a number of factors, the size and complexity of the brand book, and requirements for the brand.
For simple projects with a basic set of identity, the cost of developing a brand book starts from $1,000 – $2,000. The price of creating a more complex brand book with additional elements and research starts at $3,000 and up.

Type Cost of Brandbook
Simple $1,000
Medium $2,000
Complex (from) $3,000