Branding of the children's resort-type sanatorium Chaika

Creation of a logo for the children's sanatorium Chaika

CHAIKA, children’s resort-type sanatorium, one of the largest children’s sanatoriums in the Skadovsk resort area in the village of Lazurnoe, Ukraine. The activities of the sanatorium are aimed at improving the health and entertainment of children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years old.

Our task was to create a youthful, bright logo for a children’s camp, to include a rainbow and the image of a seagull bird, the name and symbol of the company in the design. Develop branding and corporate identity for the camp.

Creating a logo for the children’s camp Chaika.

An individually designed font for the logo of the children’s sanatorium “Chaika”. Our goal in developing the typeface for Chaika was to create a complete image of both an icon with a font (trademark) and an individual font, to make it possible to use individual font symbols, for example, in clothing design or advertising media. We added a corporate color scheme to the font, so it fits perfectly into a single style.

In design, it is important to adhere to the rules of construction, to maintain balance in the lines, shapes and intervals of the body of the figure. The idea and sketches are ready, all that’s left is to find the proportions and combination of logo shapes on a plane. We will build the layout using a modular grid.

Modular grid.
Thanks to the system of modular grids, you can determine the rhythm of the layout, pitch, spacing and proportions of the figures. At the intersection of the guide lines, the beginning and end points of constructing the object’s contour are formed. The position of the vertical and horizontal lines determine the position and size of a certain part of the logo (typeface, rainbow, symbol and subtitle)

A well-formed and calculated color structure has become the basis of the company’s corporate identity, helped determine the key colors for the logo and promotes brand recognition. The color palette was based on the rainbow, we added a little magic and the sweetness of caramel, and identified 4 colors for the logo, corporate identity and branding.

Creating a corporate identity for the Chaika children’s camp

To create a corporate identity, work was carried out to create the main key components: color coding and graphic elements. I wanted the company’s identity to remain simple and clean, but at the same time contain flexible elements and recognition that would be easy to use on completely different media – in documentation, infographics, presentations, photo style, navigation, typography and textiles. This created a key four-color graphic element that can be integrated in different forms: as an expanded form of background for a presentation or advertising medium, as well as for documents, website animation, awnings for the territory or for branding vehicles and branded products.

Branding for children’s camp

Branding is one of the most interesting processes of work
over the style of the children’s sanatorium “Chaika”: transfer and calculation of the developed visual image to real objects.

To achieve the necessary goal, it was necessary to study all aspects of the activity, so to speak, “to be in the shoes” of a counselor, administrator or vacationer, to become part of the company. Prepare a territorial plan, study all locations, infrastructure, collect all data, dimensions for signs, signs, awnings, select paint according to the template for the load-bearing structures of the territory and interior, prepare patterns and select fabric for branded clothing and other branded products of the sanatorium. After drawing up a detailed plan, we moved on to creating a brand product based on a corporate identity template.