Corporate website «Svyatoboud LLC» construction company

Construction site design in the style of engineering drawings with lines across the screen and dynamic scrolling of animations, videos and content. This is a modern non-standard site with a side menu, made in black and orange colors.
The promo page includes the main sections of the site, presentations of services, objects, reviews, a brief description of the company and a lot of additional information.
Information sections: About us, blog, work, reviews will help potential clients stay up to date, get to know the history better and see completed projects.

Recommendations supported by photos of documents, customer reviews will convince potential customers of the professionalism of the construction company and reflect a responsible approach to business.

The Works page presents completed projects, estimate deadlines and other useful information. Also, this is another section for search engine optimization in which you can work out high-quality target search queries. A structured logic of sections has been created, while hundreds of links do not visually load the site and it is convenient to get to them.

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Innovative corporate website for a construction company: rethinking the web

We present to you our latest project – the development of a completely new corporate website for the leading construction company Sbud Pro, which specializes in engineering and construction services. Our goal was to create a unique web space that would embody the excellence of Sbud Pro in its industry.

Rethinking the concept of a construction company website

To achieve this goal, we examined the source data in detail, including the logo and corporate identity of the company. As a result, we have decided to stick to a dark color palette to create an impactful and memorable atmosphere on the site. The deep black color of the background of web pages perfectly emphasizes the solidity and professionalism of Sbud Pro, and the orange color, which has become a corporate one, complements the image and emphasizes the key elements, making the site unique.

One of the key features of the project was the development of numerous sections on the site to improve its search engine optimization. We carefully planned the structure of the site, making it informative and user-friendly. Our site includes a blog where visitors can get helpful tips and keep up to date with the latest news from the construction world. In addition, we have developed a section with detailed descriptions of services and their subsections, so that customers can easily get acquainted with the company’s offered opportunities.

An important component of the site has become a section with reviews, where customers have the opportunity to leave their comments about the work of Sbud Pro. We carefully placed positive reviews, building trust in the company and its services. We have also created a section with cases and projects representing successfully completed works by Sbud Pro. This gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the professionalism and experience of the company.

Our talented developers and designers paid special attention to SEO-optimization of the site. We have researched keywords related to civil engineering services and incorporated them into the content and metadata. This made it possible to increase the visibility of the Sbud Pro website in search engines and attract even more potential customers.

Site displaying craftsmanship of engineering services

As a result of working on the development of a new corporate website for Sbud Pro, we have created an attractive web space that effectively represents the company and its engineering and construction services. The new site has become a modern and functional tool for Sbud Pro, able to attract new customers and maintain the trust of existing ones.

We are proud of the results of our work and are confident that the new corporate website will help Sbud Pro strengthen its position in the industry and attract the attention of the target audience. Our team is constantly monitoring the latest web development and SEO trends to ensure the success of our clients. If you are looking for a reliable partner to create a unique web space for your business, do not hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to help you achieve your goals.