Corporate identity development

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The development of corporate style includes several processes. First, analysis and research of competitors and the target audience is carried out, as well as the main characteristics of the brand are determined. Then comes the creation of concepts and sketches, where design creativity and visual thinking are manifested. After that, the optimal option is selected.

Development of corporate style company

An important stage in the process of developing a corporate style is the development of a unique image of the company. The image plays a key role in identification and visual presentation. When developing a corporate style, it is necessary to take into account the values and goals of the company, its target audience and market features.

In parallel with the development of the product, work is being carried out on the development of the company’s corporate style. This includes creating consistent design elements for use across different materials and platforms. As part of the development of the corporate style, the color scheme, typography, graphic elements and stylistic solutions are determined, which will help to create a well-known and consistent visual image of the company.

It is important to take into account that the development of corporate style must be consistent with the general concept of the brand and convey its values and uniqueness. When developing a brand, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the market and the preferences of the target audience.

What you need to know to order the company’s corporate identity

Ordering a corporate identity for your company is a serious step in business development. An effective corporate style is able to increase recognition, strengthen its position in the market and attract the attention of customers.

Analysis of goals and target audience

Before starting to develop a corporate identity, it is important to define your goals and target audience. What messages do you want to convey to customers? What style and visuals work best for your audience? These questions will help you create a corporate identity that best suits your needs.

Development of a visual sign

Logo is the business card of your company. It should be memorable, unique and convey the essence of your brand. When developing a corporate style, consider the color palette, font, shape and symbols associated with your activity.

Selecting a palette of colors and fonts

Colors and fonts play an important role in creating a corporate style. They should be aligned with your goals and target audience. Each color and font carries its own meaning and can influence the perception of the brand.

Development of corporate style

Corporate identity includes not only the logo, colors and fonts, but also design elements such as brand book, packaging, banners and much more. All these elements should be the same and convey your uniqueness.

Uniqueness and consistency

Your corporate style should be unique, reflect your individuality and set you apart from your competitors. At the same time, it should be consistent and applicable to all aspects of your activity.

Development and adaptation

Corporate style should not be considered as a static element. It must evolve and adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. Constant updates and improvements will help keep your brand relevant.
Ordering a corporate style for your company is an important step on the way to success. A properly developed corporate style will help you stand out in the market, attract new customers and strengthen the loyalty of existing ones. Do not forget about the uniqueness, consistency and constant development of your corporate style, and you will achieve high results.

The cost of developing a corporate style

The cost of developing the corporate identity of the company starts from $1,500 and above. It all depends on a number of factors and the amount of materials, more details in the following table with prices:

Creating a symbol$1000
Color palette$500
Typography and fonts$800
Graphic elements and icons$700
Brand templates (brochures, business cards, presentations, etc.)$1,000
Branding Guide$800