Logo design for the manufacturer of artistic markers "CROWN ART"

Logo for Markers

CROWN ART – production of high-quality art materials and drawing tools. CROWN ART’s scope of activities includes the production of products that serve as inspiration for artists of all levels. They specialize in art brushes, their variety and quality, making them accessible to a wide audience of artists ranging from beginners to professionals.

The word “CROWN” in the company’s name carries a symbolism of sublimity and quality, as well as a promise to provide artists with a “royal” artistic experience. This name reflects the company’s values, including outstanding quality and excellence in their field.

Now let’s move on to the exciting process of creating a logo for CROWN ART. At the beginning of the project, the design team conducted an analysis of competitors’ logos. This made it possible to identify trends in the industry and identify key features that would help distinguish CROWN ART from other companies. However, the main task was to create a unique logo that would be recognizable and identifiable immediately after viewing.

The main idea in the logo design was the crown. This symbol was chosen as the perfect expression of the excellence and quality that the company wants to provide to its customers. Crown also has associations with art and creativity, which fits perfectly with CROWN ART’s core products.

For additional visual identification of the company’s field of activity, a small hint of artistic brushes was added. This element, although abstract, is instantly associated with the world of art and drawing, emphasizing the specialization of the company.

A unique font has been added to the logo with the word “CROWN”, which makes it more expressive and memorable. This helps make the logo more recognizable and emphasizes the individuality of “CROWN ART”.

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