Custom Made, manufacturer of classic men's shoes

Creating a logo for a shoe manufacturer

Currently, a young careerist is obliged to show his best professional side, and his appearance should be the first business key to new business meetings, interviews.

Over the years, Custom Made has built a reputation for excellence in classic footwear that combines traditional handcrafting techniques with modern technology and design. Each pair of shoes is handcrafted by artisans using only the best materials and techniques. This company is known for its commitment to quality and pursuit of excellence in every detail.

The “Custom Made” approach to shoe creation is unique. They provide their customers with the opportunity to create shoes that are completely tailored to their individual preferences and style. This includes the choice of materials, colors, fittings and even individual design details. The company prides itself on the fact that each pair of shoes is a unique work of art that perfectly matches the taste and needs of each client.


The process of creating the logo for “Custom Made” was an extremely fun and creative task. The goal was to develop a logo that would reflect the uniqueness and professionalism of the company. Let’s start with the fact that a logo is an important part of the image of any company. It’s the first thing customers see and should leave a lasting impression. Therefore, the process of creating a logo was an important stage in the history of “Custom Made”.

Creating a logo for a shoe manufacturer

The logo combines the company’s initials, the outline of the product and professional skills. The main colors for the logo were gold and dark blue.

We did our research and looked at other shoe brands’ logos to understand what elements are popular in the industry and what messages they convey. This helped us understand that “Custom Made” should stand out from its competitors and emphasize its uniqueness.

The next step was to identify the key elements that needed to be included in the logo. We decided that the logo should include the company’s initials “CM” to create recognition and association with the brand. We also wanted to include an outline of the product in the logo to highlight the company’s field of activity – shoes. Lastly, we wanted the logo to reflect professional skill and “Custom Made” elegance.

The color palette was another important aspect. We chose gold and dark blue as the main colors for the logo. Gold symbolized luxury, quality and professionalism, while dark blue gave the logo elegance and restraint. These colors were the perfect choice for a company that strives to create outstanding footwear.

The logo creation process itself was creative and fun. We started by creating several variations of the logo, experimenting with different fonts, styles and color combinations. Gradually we came up with an ideal option that reflected all the key elements: initials, shoe shape and professional skills.

Once the logo was finalized, we moved on to refining it and creating it in different formats so it could be used on a variety of media including shoe packaging, website, promotional materials and more. We also tested the logo to make sure it looked good on different background surfaces and in different sizes.

Ultimately, the “Custom Made” logo became a visual symbol of the company’s quality, uniqueness and professionalism. He became an integral part of the brand and helped “Custom Made” stand out in the footwear market. Now, when looking at this logo, customers know that they will receive not just shoes, but a real work of art, created with love and professionalism.