Development of a website for the Plemia sports community

Sports community website "Plemia"

Plemia is a community of active, purposeful and strong-willed people united by a common goal: to lead a healthy lifestyle, enjoy running and constantly progress.

Since the field of activity of the society is sports events, the main task was to create a website that will serve as a platform for participants in sports events.
Project objectives:

  • Create a dynamic design that will emphasize the style of the community;
  • Create an event catalog and a participant registration form.

The site turned out to be light, dynamic and calling to action. The design is made in a minimalist style with the addition of red accent elements, due to which the user can easily get acquainted with information about the events and sign up for the race.

Stylish images are the main distinguishing elements, they emphasize the theme of the community and add contrast. As well as a bright red sidebar, which houses the logo, name and social networks, harmoniously complements the main design of the site.

Main Page
The main page provides brief descriptions of events and the community itself. You can also easily sign up for one of the races.

On the Events page, the user can easily find any topic of interest to him and get acquainted with it.

User account
In order for those who wish to take part in the race that interested them, a personal user account was created. It contains a form to fill out and a page with already selected events.

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