Development of a presentation for the industrial park "KHIP"

Kherson Industrial Park is an industrial business site with an investment area of 73 hectares in the center of Kherson.
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Development of the presentation of the investment industrial park

Developing a presentation for an industrial park was one of the interesting tasks we successfully completed for our client. The goal of this project was to create an expressive investment presentation designed to attract potential investors to the industrial park. In this article, we will explain in detail how we developed the presentation, paying special attention to the writing style, the volume of the text, the uniqueness of the content and the design of the presentation.

Competitor research

Before starting work on the presentation, we conducted a thorough study of competitor examples. This allowed us to understand what presentation strategies and structures are already in use in the field. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and determined how you can stand out among them.

Sellable writing style

One of the key requirements was the sales style of writing the presentation. We understood that attracting investors is primarily the art of persuasion. Therefore, our text had to be convincing and inspiring. We used bright and short phrases to arouse interest and emphasize the advantages of the industrial park.

Text volume and presentation structure

The next important aspect was the volume of the text and the structure of the presentation. We had to keep the text to a minimum of 500 words, with each sentence no longer than 15 words. We divided the text into sections, which made it more readable and informative.

Unique design

Maintaining the high uniqueness of the presentation development was one of our priorities. We used our own ideas and visual concepts and avoided copying content from other sources. This allowed us to create a unique and original layout that was not overlooked.

As a result of our work on the “Development of a presentation for an industrial park” project, we created an outstanding product that met all the customer’s requirements. Our presentation was convincing, informative and attractive, which helped the client to successfully attract new investors and promote his industrial park in the market.