Web studio TDS: Agency for developing websites and complex web projects.

Web studio for website creation began operations in 2016, and during these years has gained a wealth of experience and won a large number of satisfied customers. Thanks to the tireless work and high professionalism of the team, we were able to rapidly develop and expand our communications on all continents.

In 2022, we decided to move to a new stage of historical innovation; for us it was a valuable and justified action. We decided to shorten the name, making it simpler and more memorable, to give it its own solid place with a small beautiful symbol. From the full official name “Terentyev and Design Studio” became known as TDS Agency.

This name change reflects a desire to be accessible and understandable to partners. Despite the change in positioning, our values, drive and desire for quality work and development remain unchanged. We continue to provide the best services in area site design and design, always open to new business, startups and immersion in the ecosystem of a growing market.

Creative web design studio consists of talented graphic and web designers, visualizers, UI UX specialists, developers and marketers who are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Is our agency will turn your idea into a full-fledged and functional resource that will confidently be a competitor in your niche, no matter where you are Ukraine, NY, Kyiv, Burgas or Kharkov.

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Website development company. What do we offer?

Our society is Design Studio real fans who love to create stable web systems, identity, website development and visual modeling! Our mission is to make it a reality and provide growth factors for active business representatives. By collaborating with us, you get the advantage of expertise over 12 years of activity, access to the team and all the skills in which  site development plays an important role in promotion.

Website design studio include customers from all over the world, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking for help in managing their online presence. Our specialization is open to most areas, medical care, construction and rental, logistics transportation, start-ups, civil and urban communities and most importantly the topic of sales and product segment! An example is an excellent portfolio in which such cases as the Kherson Sea Port, the Bazaar Trade and Exhibition Center and the HIP Industrial Site were implemented, a significant number of construction areas and medicine from the dentist to shock wave therapy, as well as a scientific production company with a focus on farmers and industry. This list can be endless.

Services for creating and maintaining websites

  • Online store
  • Corporate websites
  • Website creation
  • Landing page
  • Design
  • IT
  • Finishing
  • Redesign
  • SEO promotion
  • contextual advertising
  • Setting up analytics
  • Identity
  • 3D modeling

If you decide to order a site, then there are several things that you should prepare if you contact a web agency. First of all, you should clearly understand your goals. What benefit do you want to have? Which audience do you want to target? This will help you understand your vision better. A web design studio will be able to give you an answer to your request sooner.

Advantages of website development in TDS

Professional web design studio accepts participation in various events, competitions, grants, complex in logic, beautiful and sometimes with non-standard visuals and technical features. From expertise and individuality, thanks to great skill, we create an effective and successful resource, and you guarantee the effectiveness of your plan.

We offer you a wide range of digital services from simple solutions to the development of a large-scale environment. Website development company focused on implementing comprehensive solutions that combine high scalability, strategy and powerful functionality.


In the future, you will be given access to the SRM, where you can monitor the progress of events. This makes our activities transparent and predictable. Web site, design or development requires regular communication of steps completed and goals achieved in order to be aware of all configurations.

Flexible payment

We offer different payment options, split payments, hourly or subscription. The flexibility of the system allows you to plan your budget and forecast costs. Hourly, you pay for our time spent. We divide the payments into small parts, carry them out step by step and receive the agreed fee. Or you hire us on a fixed term contract basis.

Feedback and training

In progress website development studio provides the opportunity for direct communication with performers. Mutual communication serves as a high level of satisfaction and performance of the best results. After launch, we teach you the necessary instructions for interacting with the interface so that you can independently manage its content.

Maximum involvement of a digital agency in your business

Today we have become part of enterprises, from small production lines to large-scale automation and start-ups. Our main goal is to develop and strengthen. This is a partnership where we become a subcontractor to your department, actively participating in most matters.

Step-by-step immersion, capable of achieving better results and a deeper understanding of your values. This will give you more time and power to focus on core processes.

Individual design and project development by a professional team

In an increasingly competitive field, being unique becomes an important factor for success. That’s why more and more companies are turning to dedicated, full-service teams that provide a personal touch hand-in-hand. To understand their requirements, website design and development should be by studying your users to accurately meet expectations and preferences.

Why clients order development from us

Web studio services sharpened for the production and development of special websites that stand out from the crowd. Your ideas deserve special attention, and we will prepare absolutely unique products that will highlight your individuality and attract the attention of the audience.

Transparency is our operating principle and we will keep you informed every step of the way. We have no hidden surprises – only open and honest communication. Our best web studio website creation can exceed all your expectations and help you achieve success in the online environment.

We guarantee achievement of results with a predictable deadline. Our guys work using industry best practices to ensure consistency and reliability. We strive to ensure that your industry prospers and reaches heights.

Our web company collects data

Based on the information received from the customer, a detailed review is carried out. This is the stage website development company includes identifying functional needs, navigation, and content. This helps to identify the main components and tasks that need to be implemented.

Development of technical specifications by specialists

Based on the data, a specification is drawn up that describes all programmable and design parameters, and the rules of responsibility. This is an important step to ensure consistency, website development studio sees the full picture which forms his internal work planning meetings with the entire team of developers and designers.


In the implementation of any design work requires the correct scenario, in our case this is the preparation of a prototype, which describes and draws every detail that should be present in our diagram. Description of the action of the button and function, block display of elements on the screen, actions and redirection. This is the preparation of frames and viewing areas for further development.

Backend и Frontend

Reliability is of direct importance for success, so we are equipped with advanced technologies that can cope with high loads. We use secure and scalable frameworks for data speed, high-quality and adaptive Frontend layout.

QA testing

QA testing is a way in which an employee goes through every aspect of your web application. They examine code, speed, security, and compatibility with available browsers. Testers look for bugs, track interface issues, and make sure everything works as intended.

Release and technical support

After successful verification, the moment of release comes. And you are ready to be introduced to the world. But this is just the beginning. Your resource will require frequent updates, corrections and adaptations to current realities, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your application 24/7.

Start of cooperation

Professional web development studio sets a list of tasks and interactions that need to be solved for a new project.

Website development services at the first stage begin discussion and taking notes. Collects requirements, goals and objectives, this helps us understand the unique parameters of the audience.

Part two, we define standards and best practices. We study competitors’ cases, review the requirements of the target audience and determine the best ways to present information.

Third, based on the data obtained, we begin to generate variations of concepts and layouts. Website development companies prepare prototypes, color schemes, fonts and graphic elements to achieve appeal and balance.

The fourth step is the final one. After approval, we move on to implementation. Designers use web tools to launch high-quality and innovative visual cases.

Digital agency conducts analysis and audit

Current status overview: Production of websites to order requires a detailed overview of a current project in the digital space. We analyze the structure, functionality and user interface. We assess strengths and weaknesses, and identify potential areas for improvement.

THIS: We conduct an audit to determine its visibility in search engines. We check keywords, goals, tags, profile, URL structure and other factors that influence ranking in search results.

Checking competitors: Website creation and development at least a way of learning competitive environment, statistics and identifying additional features.

Performance: Held assess performance including page loading speed, mobile optimization, and overall load.

Implementation: Based on the segment conducted is being compiled improvement strategy. This may include additions in structure, content, SEO optimization and other aspects.

The studio uses the latest UI UX trends and modern design trends.

Our Web Studio always strives to be in a group trend, keeping up with new UI/UX trends and current innovations. Visuals play a huge role in integrating unique and attractive user experience UI, so we make every effort to meet expectations.

We believe that less is more, so we try to get rid of everything unnecessary and concentrate on the main thing. Where urbanization penetrates every corner of our lives, the theme of minimalism becomes more relevant than ever. Clean, straight lines and no frills became the epitome. Everyone strives for clarity without far-fetched images, carrying beauty and simplicity.

*Create awesome brands
and modern websites.

Digital product with effective solutions

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We implement digital technologies and modern design into the client's business model, create web interfaces, promo sites, online stores, branding and 3D visualization using advanced solutions and modern design trends.


*we craft digital design solutions.

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Terentiev and Design Studio, Ukrainian digital agency with a full range of design services and development of digital products for business.

We create projects by introducing the most daring ideas, paying maximum attention to details and business specifications. We develop complex web systems, online stores, corporate websites and visual brand identification to achieve the best consumer communications with a business product.

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