Logotype creation for medical clinic of shock wave therapy Ocsarat Medical

Creation of the logo of the Oxarat Medical clinic

Ocsarat Medical is a medical company focused on providing treatment services using shock wave therapy. Provides patients with highly effective and safe treatment that promotes rapid recovery and return to active life. The medical center provides the services of highly qualified specialists and has the latest modern equipment at its disposal.

Creation of the logo of the clinic “Ocsarat Medical” was an important stage in the development. We understood that the logo should reflect uniqueness, professionalism and attention to the needs of patients. To do this, we conducted a thorough analysis of competitors’ logos and identified key aspects that should be embodied in our own design.

Variants of the logo of the medical clinic Oxarat Medical Development of the logo of the medical clinic Oxarat Medical Presentation of the logo of the medical clinic Oxarat Medical

The process of creating the logo of the Ocsarat Medical clinic

The idea of creating a clinic logo in the form of a medical cross divided into two parts by blue waves. One part is blue and the other is red.

Medical cross: The medical cross in the logo symbolizes our specialization in the field of medicine. It is a recognizable symbol of care for health and well-being, as well as a symbol of reliability and professionalism.

Blue Waves: The blue waves that divide the cross are the shock waves we use in shock wave therapy. They symbolize the process of treatment and recovery. Blue is also associated with peace and tranquility, which adds an element of comfort to our design.

Red part: The red part in the logo symbolizes the energy and vitality that our patients acquire after treatment. This color gives our logo dynamics and expressiveness.
Importantly, every element of the logo was carefully selected and designed with our values and goals in mind. We wanted to create a logo that not only attracts attention, but also conveys the meaning and essence of our company.

The creation of the logo of the medical clinic “Ocsarat Medical” is a visual symbol of a dedicated approach to medicine and the pursuit of excellence in the field of shock wave therapy. Ocsarat Medical prides itself on its ability to help patients achieve better treatment outcomes, and the logo is a reminder of its goals and values.

Branding of medical clinic Oxarat Medical Logo design of the medical clinic Oxarat Medical