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OpenCart site development – a quick and inexpensive solution to launch a successful online store. Bright design and functionality, thousands of solutions for conducting sales and attracting customers from all over the world are just some of the advantages of CMS.

  • Implementation of modern design
  • Functional development
  • SEO optimized code
  • Adaptive layout
  • Integration: 1C, API
  • Product parsing
  • 24/7 support
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We create websites that become a powerful tool for business development. Thanks to open source code and flexible settings, we are able to implement any ecommerce project idea. A large number of different modules and plugins make it possible to scale projects as profits grow and easily turn small stores into large marketplaces.

Advantages of OpenCart for creating an online store

Thanks to a number of features and advantages, the content management system enjoys consistently high popularity throughout the world. Creation of a website, online store on Opencart allows you to easily, quickly and without significant financial costs launch a full-fledged trading platform with a basic set of tools for effective work.

Key benefits:

  • The open-source principle – due to open source, developers can make changes and edits to existing functionality.
  • Intuitive interface – makes creating and managing a project accessible even to beginners.
  • Flexibility in setup and design, expansion of options – due to a large number of modules and templates.
  • Multilingual and multi currency – support for multiple languages ​​and currencies to reach the international market.
  • SEO optimization – there are built-in tools that help improve the visibility of the store in search engines.
  • Responsive design – ready-made themes ensure correct display on various devices.
  • Effective order management – ​​features are provided for tracking, control, administration, and reporting.
  • Relatively low costs – the standard version can be downloaded from the official website for free, as well as many add-ons. Prices for paid products are within affordable limits.
  • Active community – support and exchange of experience within a large community of users and developers.

To understand what is CMS Opencart and how to create a modern online platform based on it, it’s worth considering all the features in more detail.

Availability and simplicity.

OpenCart was originally developed for online trading, and therefore the initial version already includes everything you need to get started. Installation and configuration can be performed by a beginner who does not have special knowledge and programming skills. Administration is also easy and straightforward thanks to an intuitive interface and a number of built-in tools.

A huge number of ready-made solutions.

The system Open cards can be expanded endlessly by adding ready-made components to existing ones – paid or free modules. Web resources on the network offer thousands of useful extensions that help improve the site and make it more functional and convenient for the administrator and buyer. The cost of paid products varies from 5-10 to 100 US dollars.

In addition, Opencart has a fairly powerful community – there are entire communities where experienced specialists share successful solutions and software, advise newcomers and jointly find opportunities to resolve problems. The system is constantly updated and maintained development new products, functions that can be applied in already running projects.

All kinds of payment systems.

OpenCart supports many payment systems, allowing business owners to use the maximum available payment methods. PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Square, WorldPay, Skrill, bank cards, Apple/Google Pay e-wallets, etc. – all this attracts customers, allowing them to use a familiar and convenient method of making payments.

If the necessary options are not available in the initial version, you can add dozens or hundreds of payment services by downloading the appropriate modules. The choice is really large and includes all sorts of options for different countries, local financial markets, currencies, etc.

SEO optimization.

The basic version of the CMS has a number of solutions for promoting a site in search engines – for writing meta tags, CNC, creating a map, bread crumbs, performing compression, etc. All this makes it possible to customize the resource and make it attractive not only to visitors, but also to search bots, increasing it in search results. If necessary, you can download additional plugins or make changes to the code.

Creating an Opencart online store is the optimal solution for launching high-quality trading platforms.

The free OpenCart system will be an excellent choice in cases where you need to quickly and with minimal investment create a trading platform. Opencart online store provides maximum opportunities for managing sales and running a business, developing a store and adding new product categories, and entering the international market. Flexibility and scalability are the main advantages that entrepreneurs value.

Starting with a small project, it is quite possible to turn it into a powerful marketplace without “moving” to another system, but with expanding functionality by adding new options. Whereas, creation, maintenance and modification of the site will cost a small amount, because the cost of plugins is relatively low, and even a beginner can manage sales thanks to a simple and logical admin panel.

Website development on opencart is carried out in several stages

Despite the convenience and simplicity of the designer, it is better to rely on the experience of professionals when creating an online store. Only if development or refinement Opencart site is performed by qualified specialists, you can guarantee the result and exact compliance with the assigned tasks.

The main stages of creating an online store on OpenCart:

  1. Preparation – studying the characteristics of the business and market niche, customer preferences, competitors, tasks, etc.
  2. Drawing up technical specifications, which will clearly state all the requirements for the online product (structure, services, modules, design, usability, etc.), signing the contract.
  3. Project implementation – installation of a CMS, modification in accordance with the technical specifications by installing additional extensions or changing the code.
  4. Filling with content.
  5. Testing, eliminating errors if any, retesting and generating a report.
  6. Launch of an online platform.

Order the creation of a website, online store on OpenCart.

To order website creation on Opencart, the client first needs to clearly define the key parameters of the future resource, be ready to answer all the questions in the brief, and discuss every detail with the contractor. Competent preparation of detailed technical specifications is 50% of the success of a future online store. To implement the project, our web studio involves experienced specialists from various fields, each of whom is responsible for their own area of ​​work and guarantees the best result with clear implementation of assigned tasks.

Individual design.

Carrying out order online store Opencart, the client can be sure that in the end they will receive a beautiful, modern, effective and functional sales tool. The presence of thousands of templates provides ample opportunities for customization and creation of an individual design that exactly matches the characteristics of the goods being sold, the preferences of the target audience and the wishes of the customer.

You can also develop a theme from scratch, creating a unique external design and the desired internal structure. Thanks to open source, you can make any changes to the system, finalizing and improving the product.

SEO optimized code.

Promotion in search engines is influenced by the quality of layout. The code optimized in accordance with SEO requirements should not contain errors, unnecessary tags, bulky formatting elements, or various “garbage”. It is desirable that the URLs are “clean” and do not contain unnecessary words, which will contribute to better indexing of pages and successful promotion.

Trading platforms created on the basis of OpenCart contain tools for working with code and SEO, and therefore occupy high places in search results and, if configured correctly, do not require further modifications.

Prices for website development on OpenCart

Cost of website development on OpenCart can vary within noticeable limits and depends on factors such as the complexity and scale of the project, functional requirements, design, integration with additional services, tools, etc.

On average, creating a basic online store on OpenCart can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. However, in the case of creating complex multi-page sites price increases noticeably. All issues are resolved during the briefing and preparation of technical specifications – after discussing the details, the client receives a clear commercial proposal with a specified price, terms and conditions of cooperation with the web studio.

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