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From creating a logo to a vibrant brand: Daisy and Chip’s story in the world of pet supplies

Daisy & Chip is a company specializing in the production and sale of high quality pet products. They turned to us, a web studio, with a request to create a logo that would embody friendliness and inspire confidence in their brand. We accepted the challenge and set about designing a unique logo for Daisy and Chip.

Research and concept

The first stage of our project was the study of the production and sale of pet products. We studied the market, analyzed competitors and studied the target audience of Daisy and Chip to understand their preferences and expectations from the brand. We then proceeded to take a close look at the provided logo concept, which featured a cat and a dog.

Creative process and development

Taking into account the received data and the goals of the project, we started the creative process of developing a logo. Our team of talented designers went through a lot of iteration and experimentation to find the perfect solution. We aimed to create a bright, attractive and memorable logo.

Creating a pet supplies logo

Our logo concept for Daisy and Chip embodied friendliness and trust in animals. We created an image of a cat and a dog standing side by side to symbolize their convergence and union. We carefully selected poses and facial expressions to evoke positive emotions in the audience and associate with love for animals.

Color palette and font

For the Daisy and Chip logo, we chose a bright color palette that draws attention and evokes joyful associations. The use of a combination of bright and contrasting colors created visual harmony and gave the logo an energetic look. We also picked the right font that was readable and attractive.

Final result and branding

As a result of our work, we created a vibrant brand and logo that became Daisy and Chip’s visual identity. The new logo successfully conveyed friendliness and love for animals, inspiring trust in the target audience. It became a central element in the company’s branding and helped solidify its position in the pet supplies market.


Designing the logo for Daisy and Chip was an exciting process that required careful research, creativity and attention to detail. We have created a bright brand that reflects the values of the company and attracts the attention of the target audience. Daisy and Chip’s new logo has become an integral part of their identity and has helped solidify their position in the pet industry.