Website «Port of Kherson» Ukrainian transport complex

Creation of a website for a modern enterprise, which is part of the unified transport complex of Ukraine "Kherson Port LLC"

The site combines modern design and functionality in a minimalist style,
reflects the scale of the enterprise and demonstrates a wide range of services. Production facilities, services and services are collected in large informative sections, with figures, facts and photos. A video is placed on each page, which fully conveys the essence of the service.
The history of the port is presented in the form of a chronological line, where each point is supported by a description and a photo of the event. There is a whole interactive map on the “Port Information” page. All the main buildings are illuminated, you only need to move the mouse cursor, and information about warehouses, berths and industrial complexes is presented in the form of convenient tables.

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Port of Kherson
Corporate identity «Port of Kherson» Ukrainian transport complex
Создание 3D-визуализации системы внесения жидких удобрений для рядных сеялок.
3D visualization of the liquid fertilizer application system for row crop seeders.

Creating an impressive image corporate website for Kherson port

Our team of experts in web development and design has embarked on an exciting project – the creation of a unique and modern image corporate website for the port of Kherson. This port is an important transport hub on the Black Sea coast and our goal is to create an online presence that will keep up with the latest trends in port services and provide valuable information to customers.

Meeting with the customer and analysis of the existing site

Before starting to develop a new site, we held a meeting with representatives of the Kherson port. Our goal was to fully understand their requirements and wishes. We studied the existing site, which served as a starting point for analyzing the content and identifying weaknesses that need improvement.

Determining project features and creating a concept

One of the key features of the project was the desire of the customer to create a modern and interactive website. We took this requirement into account and decided to add web elements that will allow users to dive deeper into the world of port services.

Developing a unique website design

Our designers have created an effective and attractive design for the Kherson port website. We used modern technologies and the latest trends in web design to make the visual experience as attractive as possible for visitors.

Introducing interactive elements and videos

We set ourselves the task of creating interactive elements and video materials that will support interaction with site visitors. We have added animations, interactive maps and engaging videos to provide visitors with interesting and understandable visuals about Kherson Port and its services.

Preparing informational content

An important step in creating a site for the port of Kherson was the development of information content. Our team has created unique and informative texts about port services, sea and river transport, as well as about the logistics company associated with the port. We have used keywords to help optimize the site for search engines.

SEO optimization and website promotion

Website optimization for search engines was an integral part of our project. We conducted keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimized content and meta tags to improve the visibility of the Kherson Port website in search engines. We also created unique H2 and H3 titles using keywords to further increase the site’s relevance to user searches.

Launch and support of the site

After completing the development and SEO optimization of the site, we conducted final testing and launched it. However, our work is not limited to the launch. We provide ongoing support for the site, update content and make changes as needed.

Results of the project to create a website for sea and river transportation

The result of our project was a unique, modern and informative image corporate website for the port of Kherson. We were able to meet the requirements of the customer and create a web resource that meets the latest trends in the field of port services. Thanks to interactive elements and video materials, the site has become attractive for visitors and allows them to immerse themselves in the world of the Kherson port.

Results of creating a corporate website for sea and river transportation

We have successfully completed the development of an image corporate website for the port of Kherson. The web resource created by us is attractive and informative, responding to the latest trends in the field of web development and design. We are proud of our work and hope that the site will help Kherson port to attract new clients and provide them with valuable information about its services.