Refinement of the WordPress site

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Refinement of the WordPress site is an opportunity to modernize and improve a web resource, fix errors and vulnerabilities, change the design and functionality, making it fast, modern and effective.

  • Refinement of modules and functionality
  • Acceleration and optimization
  • Design update or redesign
  • SEO optimization
  • Integration with third-party services
  • 24/7 support
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A minimum of technical details and unnecessary conversations – a maximum of effective solutions and a 100% guarantee of results. We modernize any website quickly, efficiently and in the shortest possible time. We will update an outdated, boring resource by creating a bright, exclusive design and powerful functionality for it. Let us prove that WordPress gives unlimited possibilities to those who know how to work with it!

CMS WordPress site development services

Development of the WordPress site includes a whole range of measures aimed at improving its performance. The tasks can be different – from changing the design and adding various effects with animation to correcting mistakes made by the layout designer and refactoring the code. We perform any tasks with the same quality and are ready finish, change, update, optimize, strictly following the technical specifications and guaranteeing the best result.

  • Adaptive layout.
  • Filling with information.
  • Error correction.
  • Customize the WP template.
  • Filling with information.
  • Recovery after a virus or hack.
  • Creation of plugins.
  • Installing widgets and plugins.
  • Creation of an online store.
  • Connection of payment systems.
  • Template creation.

In what cases is it necessary to modify WordPress?

Any project must constantly develop and modernize – only then will it attract people and occupy high positions in search engine results. And if WordPress website development was performed unprofessionally or problems appeared later – they need to be corrected urgently.

Work related to updating and improving the efficiency of a web resource can be carried out at any stage of its existence – from the moment of launch and at any stage of growth.

How to understand that the time has come improve the website on WordPress:

  1. It has ceased to fulfill its functions – the number of visitors has fallen, behavioral factors have worsened, the project has been lowered in search engine results or has even fallen under the filter, does not attract the target audience, and demonstrates low conversion.
  2. The technical part is outdated – which often becomes the reason for slow and unstable functioning and bugs.
  3. There was a need for a redesign – in accordance with the realities of the niche or a change in the field of activity, business expansion, or simply the client’s desire to improve the web portal and make it more interesting compared to competitors.
  4. Required Fix wordpress site – if the developer who wrote it made mistakes, made the code too cumbersome and illogical, if bugs appeared already in the process, or if updates to modules and kernels conflict.
  5. The client wants to expand – in case of rapid development of the company and the need to add services and menu items; if you want to automate certain processes, integrate the engine with different services, etc.

Technologies are constantly evolving, and what was relevant ten, or even five years ago, may be completely out of tune with current realities – may not correspond to the interests of the target audience, the requirements of search engines, or business needs. And therefore, any online platform needs constant development and updating.


Improving the web site may concern such main areas as design and functionality, security and performance, updating or replacing software components, code, layout, etc.

Improvement of the site on WordPress implemented in the following aspects:

  • Functionality – integration of new plugins, adding menu blocks, buttons, galleries, services and various components.
  • Design – partial or complete reworking of elements, introduction of original “chips”, animation.
  • Performance – increasing loading speed, compressing images, adjusting caching, etc.
  • Layout and adaptability – code refactoring and error elimination, writing a mobile version of the project for its correct display on all gadgets, in any browsers.
  • Content and SEO – updating content, taking a number of measures to promote in a certain niche: working with text, multimedia, meta tags, descriptions, etc., which helps improve visibility of the online portal by search bots.
  • Security – scanning for viruses, closing vulnerabilities, installing kernel and plug-in updates, and additional security tools.
  • Integration with services – social networks, commenting systems, e-commerce tools, connections with brand software products, etc.
  • Analytics and monitoring – setting up tools to track traffic and views, bugs and performance, generating various reports.

Turnkey modernization

According to experts, WordPress website modernization should be carried out regularly – preferably once every 3-5 years. The specific period during which the site becomes obsolete and ceases to work normally, attract visitors, be competitive and effective, depends on the niche, type of system, usability features and other aspects.

What kind of work can be carried out: expanding functionality through the introduction of tools and options, integration with services, redesign or refinement of some individual interface elements to increase attractiveness, updating the CMS and installing current plugins, changing the structure, replacing content or finalizing content in accordance with requirements SEO and business, bug fixing, etc.

By ordering a service, the client can be sure that in the end he will receive a modern, productive, attractive resource for users and relevant to search queries. Modernization is much cheaper and faster compared to writing a project from scratch, improves the overall performance of an already promoted web site and solves all current difficulties.

The implementation of a turnkey project consists of the following steps:

  • Analysis and diagnostics, discussion of details and formation of technical specifications, fixation of conditions, deadlines and prices.
  • System backup and deployment on local hosting.
  • Step-by-step implementation of edits by team members.
  • Testing – checking all parameters down to the smallest detail, correcting if deficiencies are identified, re-testing.
  • Copying edits from the local version to the customer’s website, payment.

It is important to regularly pay attention to this issue. Don’t wait until a broken feedback form or slow loading pages lead to lost orders and losses. It’s better to take action ahead of time.

What does the update include?

The list of tasks in the statement of work depends on the purpose and reasons for the request. So, the customer may want to completely update the website in accordance with the changed direction and concept of the business, which will involve reworking the design and functionality, affecting SEO and content, internal architecture. If you only need to install system kernel updates and one or two extensions, improving the WordPress site will be simpler.

Regardless of the scale of work and the number of points in the technical specifications, everything can be divided into two large groups – this is a change in the design and technical part. In the first option, the appearance of the resource changes, becoming more attractive to users, but its internal structure and options are preserved. They often work with the technical side to improve the visibility of the resource by search engines.


It’s about interacting with the visual design. Most often, the structure and usability remain unchanged, but in some cases navigation and technical aspects are also updated. The scale of improvement can be different – from working on fonts or color schemes to modifying the visual with the introduction of unusual effects and elements, replacing content and options.

Which components may be affected:

  • Creating an updated logo – if the old one looks unattractive, if the company has implemented rebranding and now needs to be updated Web design online platforms in compliance.
  • Selection of color scheme, design style, fonts.
  • Content – ​​adding new content to existing content or replacing outdated texts and images, headings and sections, banners, etc.
  • The introduction of animation and catchy “chips” – which increases conversion, makes the site more recognizable and attractive to people, and sets it apart from competitors.
  • Usability optimization – to ensure the convenience of visitors and achieve the best conversion.

Technical optimization

It is carried out with the aim of improving the technical aspects of the web resource for more effective interaction with search engines and users. Thanks to correct and timely optimization of technical parts, it is possible to speed up page loading, eliminate problems with indexing and duplicates, improve rankings and achieve your promotion goals.

What services are most in demand: correction and modification (if necessary, creation) of robots.txt and sitemap files, setting up redirects and the appearance of the URL page, error status codes (200, 404, 503, etc.), troubleshooting hosting problems, redirecting to https and installing an SSL certificate, removing duplicates from the index, speeding up the system due to caching and code refactoring, etc.

Order turnkey improvements to your WordPress website

Having made a decision order modify a WordPress website, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis, determine the basic requirements and nuances that modernization should solve. If it is difficult for the customer to independently understand what is wrong with the project and how it can be corrected, web studio specialists will help conduct an audit and identify the causes of problems, providing a report and a complete list of measures to eliminate them.

A qualitatively and timely modernized portal can attract visitors, improve conversion, stand out among competitors and the mass of similar offers in a niche, increase the position of a web resource in search results, and guarantee a high level of data protection, performance, and adaptability. All this allows the site to perform its tasks as efficiently as possible, contributing to business development and profit growth.

Regardless of what range of interactions involves WordPress modification, order services can be carried out in one click through an online form or by contacting the manager at the specified phone numbers.

Key advantages of cooperation with our web studio:

  • Implementation of orders of any level of complexity and volume thanks to the team of experienced developers, layout designers, UX/UI designers, content makers, copywriters, testers, etc.
  • Reporting at every step, feedback support.
  • Finding individual solutions for the most complex problems.
  • Strict adherence to specifications and guarantee of high-quality results within the specified time frame.
  • Transparent terms of cooperation and reasonable prices.

Website development carried out by professionals taking into account all the latest trends and market requirements. But what to do if an already launched project stops working correctly and performing its functions? Conduct its modernization, eliminating all problems and obtaining an updated, modern, competitive resource.

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