Development of the ROSANA logo, a manufacturer of plant protection

The company “ROSANA” is a leader in the field of biological protection of plants and natural pollination by bumblebees. She also specializes in pest and disease monitoring, consulting and training, production of biostimulants, flower bulbs, and plant material. The main focus is on environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture and horticulture. They offer biological preparations and services that allow plants to protect themselves from pests and diseases without harming the environment and human health.

The company also specializes in natural pollination of plants by bumblebees. This method of pollination is considered more effective and environmentally friendly compared to chemical methods.

The goal of our project for the company “ROSANA” was to create a unique and memorable logo that would reflect their activities in the field of biological protection of plants and natural pollination by bumblebees. The logo had to be clear and recognizable, as well as emphasize the ecological nature of the company’s business.

Rosan logo development process

Before starting work on the logo, we conducted a detailed analysis of competitors’ logos. This is an important stage that helped us understand what styles and elements are most common in this industry. We found that many competitors use images of plants, bees and beehives in their logos.

Ideas and Concepts – Taking into account the results of the competitor analysis and the keywords “bee logo” and “biological logo”, we began to form ideas and concepts for the logo. The main idea was to create a contour icon in the form of a bee. The bee is a symbol not only of nature, but also of active work, which is perfect for a company engaged in agricultural solutions.

Creating sketches – At this stage, we started to create first sketches of the logo. We experimented with different shapes and positions of the bee, and also considered options for adding plant elements to emphasize the biological nature of the company.

Choosing the best ideas – After creating several dozen sketches, we selected a few of the best ideas, which were further developed in more detail. This included determining the color palette and font that best suited the selected concepts.

Final design – Next, we started refining the selected concepts and turning them into more detailed images. We experimented with different colors and tones to find the optimal combination. The final design included a contour icon in the form of a bee surrounded by plant elements, which emphasized the ecological aspect of the “ROSANA” business. The font was chosen so that it was readable and corresponded to the style of the logo.