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Imagine a beautiful coast, a gentle sun and the opportunity to completely relax and take care of your health. This is exactly what PBP Paritet does. This company specializes in sanatorium-resort services and provides clients with a unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation at sea in comfortable conditions.

The main focus of PBP Paritet is on health care. Their sanatoriums are equipped with modern medical facilities and specialists ready to provide guests with quality medical services. But this does not mean that vacation here will be boring and monotonous. The company also offers a variety of entertainment programs, excursions and events so that guests feel comfortable and spend their time in a variety of ways.

Logo creation sanatorium, resort PBP Paritet graphic wave Versions of the Pariet logo

Parity logo

Now let’s move on to an interesting stage of our story – creating a logo for “PBP Paritet”. Creating a logo for a sanatorium-resort company is a creative and responsible stage.

To begin with, the designers conducted an analysis of competitors’ logos. This is an important step that helped define a unique style and concept for the PBP Paritet logo. The research revealed that many logos of sanatoriums and hotels include elements of the sea, the sun, and nature. However, in order to stand out among competitors, it was necessary to find a unique identification element.

The next step was to develop a concept that would combine the elements of the sea and the sun, but would emphasize balance and harmony, which is one of the main ideas of “PBP Paritet”.

The designers decided to create a round symbol that would symbolize infinity and balance. Inside the round symbol were two parts: the sun and the sea. The sun was depicted with bright rays, which gave a feeling of warmth and light. The sea was represented as a smooth water surface on which the sun was reflected. These two parts were combined into a symbol of balance, which emphasized the importance of harmony and balance during rest.

Color palette

The color palette of the logo included warm shades of orange and blue, which were associated with the sea and the sun. These colors created a pleasant feeling of warmth and comfort, which was ideal for a sanatorium-resort company.

So, the PBP Paritet logo was developed taking into account the unique features of the company and its values. It has become a symbol of balanced rest, harmony and health care. This logo helped the company stand out among competitors and become a recognizable brand in the field of sanatorium-resort services.

Thus, the company “PBP Paritet” provides clients with a unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation at the sea, with an emphasis on health and harmony. Their logo is a symbol of these values and helps make the company recognizable and successful in the market of sanatorium-resort services.

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