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UX /UI design

UI UX website design is becoming increasingly important and in demand in the modern web industry. Both of these two terms are short for “User Interface” and “User Experience”, respectively, they come together to create an easy-to-use website and application experience that significantly improves the visual experience and user experience.

UI UX design has received a huge role and a special place in the formation of successful products, brands and web services. Thanks to high potential and systematic approaches, it is possible to implement very large projects, with full control and scalability. Understanding these principles and applying them to your business will help you improve and achieve your intended results.

Where is modern UI/UX design used?

Talented specialists who master the latest trends and trendy UI/UX design embody their expertise in various fields. We create amazing websites that are intuitive and responsive across devices, make apps user-friendly and engaging, optimize e-commerce to increase conversions, and develop branding that reflects a company’s unique style.

  • website design;
  • creating a UI kit;
  • mobile application design;
  • user interface development;
  • design and prototyping;
  • design of web and desktop services;
  • UI audit.

What is UX and UI design?

UI UX design is the graphical basis of a website or application. Where the UI cares about how elements are styled, how they look, and how they interact with them. This includes the layout of elements, construction logic, color scheme, fonts, graphics icons and overall look and feel that is attractive and functional. And UX interface design is a method that focuses on how the audience perceives and uses the service, how to improve it, convey and arrange information in the order that is optimal and reduces the number of clicks to sections, filling out applications, taking actions, viewing a product or paying online banking. UI/UX design is what includes usability, navigation, loading speed and rendering, and everything that makes the experience of a website smooth and enjoyable. A business comes to such decisions when it needs to implement, first of all, quality, service for people who know that convenience is the first in building a strong connection with frequent use.

What is UX and UI design?

The process of developing UX/UI design

This is a complex and thorough process, design development covering several stages that are important for creating a quality service. It is important to understand that the development process is a continuous work, and improvements can be made throughout the entire lifespan. Professionals ensure that the service is targeted to the audience, meets their needs and gives the business a competitive advantage. This is a whole art that inspires, attracts and satisfies.

Usability and visual harmony studies

The initial step of analysis is study. We analyze interfaces, research UX solutions and UI. It’s like reconnaissance in competitors’ territory. We identify what works and what doesn’t and shape the areas where we can excel.

Information architecture and planning

An information system defines the structure of a website or project. At this stage, a general logic is created; the user interface design defines key elements, construction rules, pages and sections.

Prototyping process

Prototypes are rough layouts that help visualize the future service. We create mockups that allow you to see how your product will work. It’s like building the foundation for a future masterpiece. We pay attention to every detail, every element of the frame, to ensure planning with confidence.

Creating a project

We develop the appearance of the product, create elements and interaction components, including the color palette, font set, icons, graphics and layout. The goal of which is to make the service attractive and easy.

Testing and optimization

This includes testing the design and functionality, as well as collecting feedback from users. Based on the testing results, adjustments and optimization are made.

UX Design

Comprehensive analysis

To achieve greatness in the field of UI UX design, you need to have a deep understanding of the surrounding competitive landscape. A thorough analysis is a key step in determining how you will stand out from the crowd of competitors and what lessons can be learned from best practices.

  • Trends – this includes identifying and studying what is popular in the world today, what new ideas and concepts are emerging. This helps us keep abreast of the latest innovations to implement them in our projects.
  • Features – allows us to assess how unique you will be compared to your competitors. We are looking for ways to make your product recognizable and memorable.
  • Weaknesses – helps us identify the weak points of competitors. We explore where they make mistakes or miss opportunities. This gives us the opportunity to avoid their mistakes and use their shortcomings to our advantage.

Digital strategy

In the modern field of Internet transformation, strategy becomes vital for the development of web resources. By adhering to the proposed UX/UI design solutions, the design gains a powerful impact that ensures growth and audience engagement.

  • Understanding goals is the first step in digitalization. We analyze your business goals and determine how we can help you achieve them. It’s like reviewing a map that points you to success.
  • Mobility Firstis a top priority for onboarding. The world is going mobile, and your digital model needs to take that into account. We optimize the project for mobile devices at the initial stage, and then the desktop, so that your resource is accessible and convenient on any platform.

UX Design

An art that determines influence and promotes favorable results. Successful UX design starts with a deep analysis of your participants. And it creates an emotional connection between the consumer and the product. We strive to create positive emotions that promote satisfaction and loyalty.

UI development

Minimalism is one of the key trends of 2023. Development of an interface that does not have unnecessary details and focuses on the main directions. Simplicity is an aesthetic choice that will last a long time and bring pleasure. Multifaceted solutions are characterized by bright and rich color components that are created to attract attention and provide communication. With the advancement of technology, there are more possibilities such as animations, 3D graphics and interactivity. This creates a unique and cost-effective look.

Launch and support

Completion is just the beginning of your journey to success. In 2023, in an environment where competition is so intense, service and support play a key role in ensuring sustainable growth and satisfaction. Practical experience always brings results, with this approach it is necessary to make changes in critical areas in order to become as effective as possible. After the start, we do not stop and pay attention to analyzing the data received. This allows us to understand how the app is being interacted with and apply improvements in real time.

Features of UX interface design

Features of UX interface design

Creating a perfect product requires a deep understanding of interfaces. Fundamental expertise is customer centricity. All services and functionality should be created taking into account needs, expectations and comfort. Defining the target audience and their behavior is the key to traditional UX design. Through which you can evoke positive emotions and associations.

Order UX/UI design development from TDS

The changing environment is constantly growing and optimizing, including technological innovation, changes in legislation, consumer demands and competition. Development allows your company to adapt to new conditions and compete. Ordering a UI UX website design is the first step to creating a product that meets user expectations and leads to success and growth. At the agency, we offer professional solutions where the customer receives a partner who is ready to work to achieve common goals. We provide detailed design concepts, prototypes, testing and refinement, a product that is ready to meet user needs and drive growth.

Customer needs and preferences are constantly changing. Business modernization allows you to adapt your products and services to meet consumer demands and expectations, which helps you retain and attract new customers. Website design development in TDS is an investment in the success of your project. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you create the perfect project that will produce outstanding results.

UI UX website design increases efficiency and productivity, you can order improvements, which includes finding more efficient ways to complete tasks, introducing new technologies and processes, you can contact us by phone or through the contact form, you will receive an initial consultation and project analysis.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Why is it worth ordering UX/UI design from TDS?

When you order from TDS, you get access to experienced designers who specialize in creating user-friendly and attractive user interfaces. Our approach helps improve the user experience, increase conversions, and make your product successful.

Is it possible to do only visual design (UI)?

Yes, you can order only visual UI design from TDS if you already have a well-developed UX or if you only need the graphic component of your project.

What kind of design is needed for an MVP?

For a minimum viable product (MVP), it is important to create a design that provides basic functionality and satisfies the needs of your target audience. The MVP should be minimalistic and effective.

How important is UI/UX for a product?

UI/UX are the key elements of a successful product. It is necessary to ensure ease of use, attractiveness and competitiveness, which affects the attraction and retention of users.

How long will it take to design?

The time required for development depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work. Typically this can vary from a few weeks to a few months.

Is it true that for a cross-platform application you need to develop 2 designs?

Yes, for cross-platform applications, two are usually developed: one for iOS and another for Android. This allows you to optimize the user experience for each platform.

What does design time consist of?

Time consists of conducting research, designing interfaces, creating mockups, prototypes, testing and improvements in accordance with feedback.

I want a design. What do you need from me?

First, we will need your requirements and expectations, information about the target audience and your product. The more information you provide, the better the final design will be.

Where do you design?

We carry out work in the TDS office and also collaborate with remote designers around the world to provide the best solutions to our clients.

How many design options will I receive?

The number of options depends on your needs and arrangements. We can provide multiple concepts so you can choose the one that best suits your expectations.