The cost of creating a website from A to Z, price for 2023

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The cost of creating a website depends on the type of project, volume, conceptualization, time spent on implementation and complexity. If the project has a large number of pages, sections, functional modules or integrations with third-party resources. Or the project requires unique visual elements to stand out in the market. This will increase the volume of work and its complexity. This will increase the total number of hours spent on the project, having a direct impact on the price.

how much does it cost to create a website

For simple template solutions, the approximate cost of creating a website starts from $1000. The price of more complex and advanced sites starts from $3,000 to $8,000. To create large, highly loaded projects requires more accurate calculations and in most cases starts from $8,000.

Type Site cost $
Single Page$1000 – $3000
Multi-page$3000 – $5000
Corporate$3000 – $6000
E-commerce$10,000 – $50,000
Portal$5000 – $20000

Types of websites and the cost of their creation in 2023

There is a bountiful variety of website types in 2023, each with its own features, goals, and objectives. Consequently, there are different requirements for their implementation and deadlines. Let’s look at the most common types and estimate their approximate price.

Cost of a one-page website Landing Page

One-page sites typically have a minimalist design and contain basic information on one page. This is a more budget option and can cost significantly less than multidisciplinary ones. This type generally does not contain editing capabilities and serves as an advertising or information page. But since 2018, Landing Pages have become part of dynamic marketing where they create a unique design in order to attract maximum attention.

The cost of a one-page website (Landing Page) with a template solution today will cost from $500. The price of a one-page with a unique design starts from $1,500. But there are one-page ones that require complex manipulations, for example, 3D integration and complex product animation.

TypeCost of a one-page website:
Unique design$1000 – $1500
Complex$1500 – $3000

Multi-page WOW sites with progressive design

Promotional sites, multi-page WOW sites designed to promote a product or service, usually have a creative and modern design. A large number of sections, blog, cases, presentations. Very often they are created with animated transitions and very non-standard solutions. Everything to leave a great impression. Such a site requires an individual approach and innovative design solutions.

The cost of creating a promotional website can vary from medium to high budget, approximately $3,000 – $6,000, depending on the complexity of the design and the volume of content. But sometimes the price goes beyond 15,000.

Highly loaded portals

The implementation of highly loaded portals, such as news or entertainment, may require a high degree of optimization and scaling. These sites often have a high volume of visitors and require powerful infrastructure. The development of such projects requires accurate calculations and the formation of a separate technical specification.

Cost of creating a branded website, corporate

Branded and corporate websites, focused on representing a brand or company, can have different levels of complexity. The price depends on the design, number of pages and functionality, such as integration with (CPM) or content management systems (CMS). It is also necessary to clearly define its goals and objectives. This could be attracting new customers, selling goods or services online, providing information support to customers, strengthening the company’s image, and much more. The more clearly you define your goals, the more effective the created web resource will be.

The cost of a corporate website depends on its type and functionality. A simple corporate portal with company information and contacts will cost approximately $2,000 to $3,000, and this is several times cheaper than a powerful corporate portal with a catalog of integrations and an individual management system. The type of project you choose should align with your business goals.

The technical characteristics of the site also affect its budget. This includes choosing hosting, developing functionality, optimizing for different devices and browsers, as well as site security. All these aspects must be taken into account when calculating the project.

Cost of a blog, information site or aggregator

Let’s define the main theses, such as projects. Blog, informational news site, news or announcement aggregator. So different that we can talk about it forever. Let’s start small, a blog, there are simple ones that can be implemented on template solutions for personal purposes, and there are huge platforms on which information is constantly updated and quality is improved in order to develop the portal and receive benefits. This also applies to news sites; there are small city news sites where articles are published rarely and without any special purpose, but there are resources where dozens of editors and journalists are constantly working and it is necessary to create convenience, speed and quality for them.

The cost of creating an information site or blog will depend on many factors and it can vary from $1000 for a template solution and from $7000 for an individual one. It all depends on your specific needs and wishes.

TypeCost of a blog, news site:
News portal$2000 – $7000
Aggregator$10,000 – and above

What determines the cost of creating a website, processes and order

To understand what the cost of creating a website depends on, you need to look at the entire process and identify the key stages and factors that influence the final price.

Analysis and planning

The stage includes discussion of client requirements, briefing, conducting market research, competitors and concept. In some cases, it will be necessary to draw up technical specifications. At this early stage of analysis and planning, the main (full) cost of creating a website is calculated.

Website concept and strategy

This stage includes determining the goals and objectives of the site, as well as selecting the target audience. The more complex and ambitious the goals, the more effort will need to be put into developing the concept, which can affect the project budget. But if we consider it in the context of a long-term project, for example, promoting a resource, it makes sense to lay down these goals in the initial stages and design additional opportunities for implementation and implementation.

Implementation design

Next comes work on the design of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). A quality and thoughtful design can improve its functionality and appeal to users. However, this stage can also increase the budget, especially if a custom and original design is required and a large number of mock-ups must be prepared to approve the best model. In addition to design, it is necessary to prepare graphic elements, select a color scheme, typography and other aspects of graphics such as photo materials and product materials, videos, tables, diagrams and infographics if necessary. When an agency makes a visual, the cost of creating a website may change due to the addition of new sections or the customer’s requirements to work out layouts in a different format, which changes the number of working hours allocated to this task.

Front-End and Back-End development

It is one of the most expensive and necessary parts of the job. The development process includes the implementation of the front end of the visual part and the back end of the database. The Front-End is responsible for the appearance and interactivity, while the Back-End ensures its functionality and security. Complexity and scale can affect the number of working hours, and therefore the project budget.

Additional costs that affect the cost of creating a website

Domain name and hosting

The first major additional cost is choosing and registering a domain name. This is a unique web address name that will help users find your business online. In addition, you need to pay for hosting – a place on the server where your resource will be located. The price for a domain and hosting depends on the name chosen, its popularity and the type of hosting plan.

Preparation of technical specifications

Drawing up technical specifications (TOR) is an important stage at which requirements for functionality and design are determined. The more detailed and complex the technical specification, the more time and resources will be required for its development.

Costs for layout of additional versions or sections

If you plan to create multiple versions for different devices (such as mobile devices and tablets), this can also increase the cost of creating the site.

Programming and functional implementation costs

The complexity and volume of functionality that needs to be implemented on your resource will have a direct impact on the budget. The more features and interactive elements, the more time and labor it will take to develop them.

Maintenance and content filling

After launch, it requires regular maintenance and content updates. These costs should also be taken into account when calculating your overall budget.

FAQ – Questions on the topic

What is the average cost of creating a turnkey website?

The average cost of creating a turnkey website can vary greatly depending on the type, its functionality and level of complexity. However, in general terms, budgets can start from a few thousand dollars and reach significant amounts for large and complex projects. To get an accurate estimate, it is recommended to contact a web developer or agency for consultation.

How to calculate the cost of creating a website?

In order to calculate the cost of creating a website, you should consider the following factors:

  • Project type (for example, store, corporate, landing page);
  • Define style and concepts
  • Functionality and integrations (for example, payment systems, feedback forms);
  • Amount of content and pages;
  • Optimization and security level.

The most reliable way to determine your budget is to discuss all the details with a professional developer and get an individual estimate for your project.

How long does it take to create a website?

The time required for implementation depends on its complexity and amount of work. Typically, the implementation of a small resource can take from several weeks to several months. Large and complex projects can take more than a year to complete. It is important to note that timing may vary depending on circumstances and your willingness to provide the necessary materials and feedback to the developer.

What is included in the cost of website development?

The cost of website development usually includes the following components:

  • Design and user interface development;
  • Functional programming;
  • Work on content (texts, images);
  • Domain name and hosting;
  • Maintenance and support (after launch).

Additional costs may include costs for marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and other specific requirements for your project.