Website «Tixon Stroy» construction company in Odessa


Only important information – figures, facts, decisions, blocks with services, works and advantages of the Tikson Stroy construction company. The promo page contains information sections with services, project presentations, company advantages and a short video introduction to the head of the company. To increase confidence, video reviews and scanned copies of thanks have been added. The pages contain information about prices, terms and guarantees. To visually present the quality of the company’s work, we added a portfolio section with photos of completed repairs.


Construction site TIXONSTROY: repair and interior design in Odessa

We are pleased to present you a unique project TIXONSTROY – your reliable partner in the field of designer apartment renovations in Odessa. Our team paid special attention to fulfilling all the requirements of the client in order to create a website that reflects the characteristics of the company and attracts attention.

Website development for a construction company in Odessa

Our goal was to develop an attractive and functional website that will effectively present services for the repair and interior design of apartments in Odessa. We have focused on SEO promotion and contextual advertising to maximize the visibility of the company in search engines and attract more potential customers.

Research of competitive sites in the construction niche

Before the start of the project, we conducted a thorough study of the websites of competitors working in the field of repairs and interior design in Odessa. We studied their structure, design and functionality to understand how we can create a website that stands out from the rest.

Development of a website for a construction company in Odessa

One of the main features of our project is a stylish and modern website design. We have developed unique visual elements and selected color combinations to attract the attention of visitors and create a positive impression. In addition, we paid special attention to convenient navigation so that users can easily find information about the services offered and company contact details.

SEO in the development of a construction site in Odessa

One of the main goals of our project was to promote the site in search engines. We conducted a thorough analysis of keywords and phrases related to the repair and interior design of apartments in Odessa, and used them in the content of the site. Thus, we have ensured optimal visibility of the site in search engines and helped customers find us when searching for services in this area. In addition, we have developed effective advertising campaigns using contextual advertising to attract the target audience and increase the conversion of our site. Thanks to an integrated approach to SEO optimization and contextual advertising, TIXONSTROY received a significant number of potential customers and strengthened its position in the repair services market in Odessa.

Cooperation with TIXONSTROY on the project of creating a website for repairs and interior design of apartments in Odessa turned out to be very successful. We designed a site that attracts the attention of visitors, ensured its optimal visibility in search engines and attracted more potential customers. Now TIXONSTROY can be confident in its development and taking a strong position in the Odessa market. We are proud to be a part of this success, and we will continue to support and accompany the TIXONSTROY website so that it remains a relevant and effective tool for the development of the company’s business.