Website for civil organization of trans people in Ukraine «Cohorta»


Development of a corporate website with a colorful design for a civil organization of trans people in Ukraine GO “Cohort”. Juicy site banners, information sections with the addition of patterns and graphics, catalogs and news pages will leave only the best impression of the visual design and buns in the form of animated search and menus.

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Creation of an information portal for GO Cohort: a resource of support and information for transgender people

Welcome to the information portal of the Civil Organization Cohort dedicated to supporting and informing transgender people in Ukraine. We are pleased to present to you our latest development – a website that aims to be the main source of useful information and support for anyone who is in the process of finding or already on the path of changing their gender identity.

Website development: a milestone for the transgender community

The main goal of the Civil Organization Cohort is to create a safe and supportive environment for transgender people, as well as to fight for their rights and equality in society. We understand the importance of access to information, community and professional support in the process of changing gender identity. That is why we decided to create this information portal.

Development of a corporate website for our civil organization was a complex and responsible task. Our goal was not just to create an Internet platform, but to create a place where transgender people and everyone who is interested in this topic could find all the necessary resources, information and support.

Development of the GO Cohort website

Our developers paid special attention to the design and functionality of the website. We aimed to make users immediately feel that they are in a safe and friendly environment. We have chosen the color scheme and graphic design in such a way as to convey a feeling of comfort and mutual understanding.

Our information portal offers a variety of sections including current news and articles, tips and tricks, as well as personal stories of transgender people who have already gone through the process of changing their gender identity. We also provide contacts of professional consultants and lawyers who are ready to assist in resolving legal and medical issues.

Our information portal not only provides access to important resources, but also offers the opportunity to actively participate in the transgender community. We have created a forum and chat where users can communicate, share their stories, ask questions and get support from other members.

We also recognize the importance of SEO to ensure the visibility and accessibility of our website. We have conducted thorough keyword research and optimized the content of the pages to ensure a high position in the search engine rankings. Our hope is that our information portal will reach a wide audience and provide invaluable assistance to anyone who needs support and information on transgender issues.

Creating a corporate website for a civil organization

We are proud of the results of our work and are confident that our information portal will become a reliable and useful source of information and support for transgender people in Ukraine. We invite you to visit our website and join our community, where everyone will find attention, understanding and support on their journey to their own gender identity.