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Website improvement

Website improvement is aimed at performing a wide range of activities designed to ensure its correct operation and effectively solve the assigned tasks: modernize or expand the functionality, eliminate errors and irrelevant components, redo individual elements, install modern modules, plugins, applications.

Providing improvements can consist of either a complete redesign and creation of content from scratch, or partial modernization with the addition of minor edits, with the possibility of finalizing something with which problems or shortcomings arose. Website improvement services can cover requirements of any complexity, the main goal of implementation of which is to improve its quality and ease of use for both users and owners.

Why does the site need to be improved?

The modern world makes its own demands on business. Thanks to the development of information technology, today even residents of the most remote corners of the planet have access to education, materials from news and analytical publications, as well as services and goods of enterprises, industries, and corporations. That is why it is difficult to imagine a growing and profitable business without an Internet presence.

After all, your own website opens up many prospects for the company – it makes it possible to attract new customers and increase the loyalty of regular consumers, promptly inform about new offers, conduct advertising campaigns, launch promotions, maintain interest in the product, etc. But this is possible provided that everything works quickly and stably, with a nice design and an intuitive interface.

If a company’s resource is outdated and no longer performs the tasks assigned to it, takes a long time to load, displays defects and shows increasingly deteriorating performance, then it’s time to update it. TDS specialists will be able to quickly and efficiently solve a problem of any level of complexity associated with improving an existing project, be ittechnical modernization of the site or remake from scratch.

Website development helps you successfully complete:

  1. Modernization of an outdated system.
  2. Correcting previously made bugs, completing unfinished tasks, auditing to find and fix problems.
  3. Making changes to the design, menu, content in connection with new areas of activity and the company’s concept.
  4. Increasing convenience through improving usability, structure, etc.

Main directions

Site improvement work is most often associated with one of two areas – marketing or technical. The first direction allows you to update the platform in accordance with the transformations that have occurred in the company, the new development strategy, bring it into line with the needs and ideas of the target audience, and make it capable of promoting the business.

Improvement of backend and frontend components helps solve a whole range of issues. This includes everything that affects loading speed, display of information, convenience for visitors, interaction with search engines, etc.

Despite the fact that it is almost impossible for a non-professional to visually determine most of the corrections, all this affects the visitor’s overall perception of the resource. People can quickly navigate away from pages for a variety of reasons, from visually unpleasant design and unreadable content to unclear navigation and intrusive registration requirements. But the result is always the same – traffic declines, as a result of which the business loses profit.

Changing the layout

A modern resource should be displayed correctly on any gadget, be easy and pleasant for humans, simple and understandable for search robots.

Code revision allows you to make changes to the layout, which determine the loading speed, the quality of display of information posted on pages, the correctness of display in different browsers and devices, the general appearance of fonts, images, menu elements, etc. All this has a positive effect on behavioral factors and search engine rankings, and increases the ease of interaction with the functionality.

Expansion of functionality

We are talking about a set of tools and options that allow the platform to perform the tasks assigned to it, leading a potential client to a predictable action: reading material, making a purchase, forming a loyal attitude towards the company, clicking on an advertisement, downloading a program, etc.

Expansion of functionality becomes necessary if the company’s field of activity changes, when the engine is modernized, or when there is a desire to install widgets, services, buttons, etc.

Integration with external services

Various programs and services allow you to automate many processes, reduce the number of steps for the user to perform certain actions, and implement business processes more efficiently and correctly.

Which services are most often integrated with platforms:

  • E-mail, SMS mailings – to collect a subscriber base and automatically send them messages, promptly informing them.
  • Payment and banking services.
  • Parcel delivery systems.
  • Warehouse accounting programs.
  • CRM systems provide management of all processes, providing tools for control, analysis, and forecasting.

Refactoring or code redesign

This direction involves rewriting code in order to improve the architecture, but without distorting the final result. Often, due to haste or lack of knowledge on the part of the programmer, the front end and back end up being chaotic and unstructured, which is unacceptable for large developing projects.

The task of refactoring is to structure existing branches in such a way as not to affect the current operation of the system, but in the future it would be easier to work with and easier to add any functions.

When this is done website redesign, cost services are determined by the volume of processed code and can be quite high. But there are situations in which simplifying the structure is very important to make it easier to understand, achieve conciseness and reduce the cost of modifications.

Improvement of the design

It happens that even the most stylish design requires reorganization – if it does not correspond to the business theme and set goals, it overloads or distracts the user, increasing the number of failures and reducing the duration of stay on the pages and viewing depth. All this does not negatively affect the development of activities, profit levels and the number of clients.

Improvement of the design

Refinement of the site design may be necessary if the design becomes outdated, problems are identified, the owner wants to make certain innovations in connection with a new list of services or a developed corporate style, or to make the resource more beautiful. Often, adding a few details or a slight update to the appearance completely changes its perception by the audience and search engines.

Technical improvement

Technical improvement of the site involves transformation of its architecture and functionality. The work carried out may not in any way affect the user’s superficial perception of the project, but can significantly improve various indicators, increase stability, page opening speed, interaction with external services, etc.

Work on internal issues includes conducting an audit and eliminating mistakes made by the developer, eliminating current problems, updating existing modules and plugins, adding new ones in accordance with certain goals, etc.

Transfer to another CMS

Changing a CMS (content management engine) is a complex and multi-step task. If the previously selected system does not meet current requirements, does not work correctly and does not work well, it needs to be changed. And the sooner the better, because the duration and complexity of the “move” will directly depend on the volume of content and the scale of functionality. In some cases, transferring a ready-made website with content to a new CMS requires even more time and effort than writing a similar one from scratch.

Updating an old CMS

This point is very important for the correct and safe operation of the CMS. It is advisable to install updates regularly, immediately after they are released. Only specialists can do this correctly and without damaging the platform – create a backup copy, download, run, check the installation is correct, or roll back everything if necessary.

How to find out if a site needs improvement

Determining the need to attract specialists is quite simple. It is urgent to take action if: the site does not work correctly, opens slowly, interacts poorly with external services, is displayed unattractively on different gadget screens, in modern browsers. This means that it is outdated or had problems from the start and needs to be modernized or completely redesigned.

Support, website development is needed if it has ceased to fulfill its functions of attracting customers, increasing loyalty to the company, informing about the business, if behavioral factors have worsened or traffic indicators have fallen, etc. Perhaps the goals, audience, field of activity have changed, and all this should be reflected in the design and functionality.

Cost of website improvement – ​​price

Price can vary within noticeable limits and depends on the level of complexity of the tasks performed, as well as CMS, scale (number of pages, content, integrated services, availability of language versions and other nuances).

Price of website development services is directly proportional to the presence of points in the technical specifications and the amount of corrections that need to be made. Modernizing an existing and correctly working project will cost less than finding and eliminating errors made by the previous programmer, eliminating current problems and making significant changes to the functionality.

When executed website improvement, cost may increase due to time constraints or other conditions that contribute to a shift in the standard schedule and sequence of manipulations. Before starting cooperation with the customer, managers offer to fill out a detailed brief, conduct an audit, draw up a list of work that needs to be performed, and indicate their cost.

Order website modernization

Having made a decision order website improvement at TDS, you can be sure of quality. Thanks to the experience of qualified employees, it is possible to achieve all these goals and obtain a tool for effective promotion.

If the customer still has little idea of ​​what exactly and how he wants to redo it, we will help to formulate a request. In the process of interaction with the TDS team, thanks to filling out a detailed brief and clarifying questions, you receive a more precise formulation and technical specification.

The main thing is to know the ultimate goal for the sake of which the plan will be implemented improvements, order service from professionals and be ready for positive changes.