Logo of the athletic strength of the willow people Plemia

In the world, sport becomes an invisible part of our life. Today, thousands of people from all over the world are taking up sports in order to develop their skills and reach new heights. One of these groups is “Plemia” – sports fitness, which unites lovers of an active way of life, as well as professional athletes.


Logo illustration for sportswear Plemia

Understand the current trends in the design of sports logos and identify features that make them successful. However, “Plemia” did not reject a simple copy, they wanted their logo to be unique and convey unique values and ideals of beauty.

Before starting the design process, the team identified the key characteristics that could be represented in the logo:

Bright red color: Energetic and passionate, red color was chosen as the main color for the logo. It symbolizes the energy and passion of the athletic strength of “Plemia”, as well as imparting sweetness and humor.

Vykoristannya on prize medals: The logo “Plemia” may be recognized on the medals in the cities where the participants were awarded zmagan. This created additional value for the brand and increased its authority.

The logo design evolved from the creation of many concepts, including different variations of shapes and styles. Before creating the final version, the team held detailed discussions to ensure that the logo would be consistent with all of Plemia’s features and convey their unique features.
After numerical iterations, the final version was selected. The logo is an abstract symbol in the form of a tricut, folded in three shapes. The uncut form symbolized energy and dynamism.

The final logo of buv razrobleniy s urahuvannyam usikh vimog “Plemia” and buv ready to vikoristannya. Having become an invisible part of the “Plemia” brand, adding recognition and strength to the sporty strength.

Designing the logo for “Plemia” was a unique and exciting project. This logo has become not just images, but a symbol of passion, energy and solidarity, which unites the participants in this sport. “Plemia” continues to develop and reach new heights, and its logo is an invisible part of its path to success.